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by JojoBeam

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Delusional Joe
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Delusional Joe C'est solide. The Blood Brothers n'avaient donc pas épuisé toute la formule. Content de savoir qu'il y a encore du monde pour creuser avec talent dans cette direction. Bravo pour un album aussi varié que cohérent, c'est pas tous les jours! Favorite track: Erostrate Syndrome.
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Lolo 03:53
I was a happy man before I met you, No one around could make me doubt ! Oh, what a fall ! I was a convinced man before this knife stab, but you came from nowhere to take away the goal of my life. Now I withdraw to draw lessons of my failures. I withdraw ! I drew lessons of my failures. I can not go on, I am the guilty one, I don't deserve your love ! I';m retired. And I'll take bike lessons, it’s my pleasure. No more free drinks in different trade show, A golf ? Wednesday ? I can go to holidays with kids wife and bro to play in the snow. « I heard from afar a survey that've told me that you still love me » Look ! Look ! Look ! Mister From the house, May I call you LoLo ? Now ! I came back ! And I didn't do anything wrong ! And I didn't do anything wrong ! No I am not the rescuer I have no stupids claims But people are so nice Lolo ! Lolo ! I have been thinking and Not only do I want it, but I have no other choice.
Crumble 03:54
Run and run around my round table, And my Screens, my strings,,I switched them all off. I have nothing to do, except a pie. Crumble ! Crumble ! I think I have crossed the line. Crumble ! Crumble ! Apple Apple and Pie ! It makes me feel like pie. Crumble ! Crumble ! It could be worst, It could be better. Crumble ! Crumble ! How many little cubes of butter ? This hunger… It makes me feel like pie. Crumble ! Crumble ! I can’t calm down, I don’t remember when I put it in this bloody oven. Crumble ! Crumble ! One pound and a half of flour. Crumble ! Crumble ! Four spoon of sugar and one more, It makes me feel like pie. And one more, for the pleasure ! I can’t calm down, I don’t remember when I put it in this fucking oven ! Crumble ! Crumble ! It’s not so good, it’s not so bad. Crumble ! Crumble ! And How can a cake make me sad ? It makes me feel like pie. Crumble ! Crumble ! I can’t calm down, I don’t remember when I put it in this fucking oven ! Down on my knees, I am in front of you. To ask you if you are cooked. Oh Lord of apples, Goddess of pies, Please tell me that your son is not a bastard, That He is good and well baked. Please Answer me, I could be free. I can proudly say to the face of the world, That I’am a good cake born from pie and apple ! Am I crazy ? Am I crusty ? I am becoming what I am cooking I am a Crumble ! Darling, Darling ! I am so proud , I have prepared the dessert that you have always deserved. You make me feel like a man !
I think it just begun, If i was the king you would be my queen. Eternity has started I'm gonna lose the next card trick. I think I was just right And it's easy, not really complicated I've had more virgins than any other sacrifice. Where are you hiding, my dear belote partner ? I think I'm just too Shy to say that I miss You. I never should have come to the one place without you ! But it's too late now. Where seconds seem like hours, Where hours seem like days, Each day seems like any other one, A day without you, my dear Belote Partner ! My dear Belote Partner ! I can't remember, if I had to choose a trump suit or go away. Three cards, then two, the bidding went against me Remaining cards are dealt ! Anyway, another round is made. Oh My Teammate, I want to tell you Im sorry. Oh my Teammate, The card on the top, is empty. And all the good things I've made, I knew they would lead me here But it's not exactly the same, the velvet of the carpet feels rough and prickly And if I had to do it again, I would and I will take you with me. Diamond disappears completely Club loses its smell and is not lucky Spade is not so sharp anymore, My Heart is dying, my Spirit is pining of you.
Why don’t you disappear ? Over decades, and in recent years, A thousand time, century after century, you've tried ardently to put your name on wall ! And you dit it ! And now these prints remained and your bones are gone ! Are you Happy now ? What's your Weight Now ? Your skin is silver Do you feel lighter ? Are you happy again ? What's your Weight again ? Are you ready to cross the years without problems ? My name is written My Flesh is Marble My soul returns to dust , to dust All of you will see the price of the eternity. Your children will know me more than your History. I'm not afraid, Soul Disintegrates, Spirit's in pain I don't car I leave my name Why don’t you disappear ? And if I graph all the city, will you remember of me ? And If I gash you the face, will you remember of me ?
Clock 05:07
Time If I had time I would ask him where he goes Time, It's been a while Since I've let you go Time, in my mind I will always have you by my side Questioning and a lot of doubts that's what you've brought, time that's what I've lost. Then you carry on A hurricane that I watch Energies that I don't catch Then I complain Fish,I'am like a fish Trapped in his goldfish bowl Lies, You've told me lies About the wisdom that you transport The question is how could I Make you freeze or change my mood The problem is that it takes time to bounce back again from where I fell You show me things I can't take but I don't want or I didn't wake. Then I complain Time, if I have time I will ask you where you go Time, It's been a while Since I've let you go Please, be mine, be nice, I need you, you are running out and I know that I have almost run out of time. Please, be mine, be nice, be quiet, don't leave me behind, I need you, you are running out and I know that I have almost run out of time. If i Watch it, What can I see ? Empty the dial is Empty, I was Wrong, right on the gong.
Something has changed, When you put one knee on the ground you bring down what you were. The way you’re dressed, now looks like a disguise This black shirt seem so heavy but you are not heavy anymore. The road between two notes is so long on your neck. The years you’ve thrown behind are back on your back like a leech on your leather. The card is drawn but it’s not a ace, it’s a poor 3 or 6, Maybe the damage is done. Something has changed You had an end but you reopened the grave It turns from yellow to blue but the best was the grey Genius is now faded Something has changed. The sequel is not the story The old is not dusty You’ve got the theory You can’t steal the fury. Why don’t you stop when it’s become ugly Something has changed You raised me and I watch you slow down and decline Your soul is leaving through a door open in your mind Nobody’s got the key, and with love I forget these last years and remember when you raised me. Bury it, it’s time to let it go. This is a critical phase but pieces are gone away And this is the end, it’s not a bad day With worms and beetles rather than stones and vultures Bury it, this is the end of your fall You reign has been long enough and your shoulders advise you to let the throne And you will grow up, be a part of the earth With worms and beetles rather than stones and vultures. Something has changed, The sunny days are cloudy The rainbow over your couch is square, lose its stripes and its bones Cuffs are reals not for the game, looks like holding the hand. You don't speak, but you’re not shy, Long hours with the sound of the clock for a heartbeart. Dreaming of snow battles and travels, But stuck in equal battles between the kitchen and the larder The throat you want to kiss with your teeths. The night is here and my eyes are falling But the fever is growing and the dark is so deep I’m remembering this old dream where I was rising from the crypt, The hazy days were over and the tears were dry, The smoke of my sweat rises like the deamons of my neurosis People were stunning and my legs were straight The storytime that came once, the first shoot that you will never find again. The night we were kings on the top of the hill Gone with the thunder ! With a smile on my face. I wish that my last flame will be etch in your eyes, conceal in your mind The beauty of the end.
You will only go down Even the white Lilac has its own shadow, The whale has to shut down its half brain Even the rain falls on the king's head On the top of the moutain and below An other being, named "The First of All" These kind of things, he doesn't care Supper's ready, mind is climbing chromatic stairs And your fat body goes to the black hole He has two heads, No horns for the god of the century, Look his lips are inanimated But hear his voice everywhere You will only go down No way out no easy life for me I can't escape, more mesmerizing than a siren song i'm aware it's wrong, I would have prefered the flames I am about to race To look over my shoulder one last time this quiet face which perspires Evil spirit, Fear of the night Creature, I have to pass Your strenght grows after these years without light if i Find a way out I shall not die Who are you being ? I just wanna go please ! Not allowed to leave. Why are you against me ! You will only go down ! You will only go down !
Here is the song of Sancta Maria ! I hear this song all day long The boom is ringing and killing me, Resounding like a hammer, please stop I can't stand it anymore Nothing can stop the Valiant Sancta Maria We will break the waves with the force of our hands Rise up, Rise up brothers and everyone else We must be one to take back the life that they stole from us! I can see the rage growing in your eyes, Here comes the time of salvation Nothing can stop the rowers of Sancta Maria We will break your neck with the force of our hands And we will run to the throat of these dirty hounds And we will be the kings of Sancta Maria But we can turn the chains to weapons Who’s with me ? Who’s with me ? Who’s with me ?


Albeam release in february 23th 2019.


released February 23, 2019

Produced by JojoBeam and Camille Jamain. All songs composed by JojoBeam. Recording by Camille Jamain and Geoffrey Durcak at Studio National du Fresnoy and Axel at Walnut Groove Studio. Mixing by Camille Jamain. Mastering by Jules Fradet. Artwork by Nicolas Dhenin. Pictures by Nicolas Djavanshir. The Belote Partner is Titus d’Enfer. Siamese Shining French Horn by Manon Desvigne, vocal by Pia Delaby. Erostrate Syndrom Choir by the students of Francois I College (Villers-Cotterêts), Romana Triremis Choir by the men of "Sol&Mido" (Solesmes).

JojoBeam would like to thank Camille, Geoffrey, Blandine, Axel, Jules, Michaël, le Patch, Serge l’Asso, La Malterie, Benji, Ber, Lalo, Pia, Manon, Romain, Fabio, François, Sandrine, Emmanuelle, Henri, Yohan, Sylvie, Pénélope, Anne-So, Fanny, Aneuh, Marie-Françoise, Jacques, the students of Francois I, Sol&Mido.


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JojoBeam Lille, France

Depuis 2013, dans les contrées nordiques, pousse l’herbe de la puissance au jojoba qui te fera montrer le rock en senteur 4 dimensions dolby: JojoBeam.
Naturellement bon pour ta peau, JojoBeam croit à la formation classique rock en 4/4/2 pour une solution scénique offensive. " le Rock droit au but" Dans le dosage, la puissance et la mélodie, entre Jésus et Carlos, JojoBeam n’est que biodiversité.
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